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Student Café, Leeuwarden



Student Café Leeuwarden 

The Student Café in Friesland College Leeuwarden got a vibrant upgrade to match the needs of today’s students. Studio van der Grift, responsible for the design, wanted to create an all-in-one space where students could have meetings, focus time but also just to sit down, and have a cup of coffee.



Mixing materials and textures 

By combining different styles of furniture and applying contrasting materials, the design team created a completely new feel in the Café. The great thing is that this whole new world has been created within the existing floor plan and walls, where curtains are used to divide spaces.

Multifunctional space

The customised LJ 2 Chairs with the MG 3 tables invite the students to sit down and relax, while stackable Hale Chairs match perfectly with the meeting tables. Thanks to its flexible layout and multi-purpose furniture, the Student Café can now serve different functions, all in the same space. A place where different activities come together, without interfering with each other.
  • DesignBert van der Grift
  • ClientFriesland College
  • Year 2022
  • LocationLeeuwarden, the Netherlands
  • PhotographyNando de Haan

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