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The Beacon Office


The Tolhuis used to be a dilapidated and empty building for more than 10 years. The building was given a new life and developed into a business and innovation hub for The Beacon. The community, active in artificial intelligence, brings entrepreneurs, companies and researchers together. The Beacon is the place for industry innovation, logistics and smart city.

A new destination

CAPTIF's mission was to turn a dilapidated building into a forward-looking office. With natural materials such as wood and plants, mixed with bright colours, it became a comfortable workplace. De Vorm’s Nooks and LJ 2’s match perfectly with this interior design.

Amazing place to work

CAPTIF designed an ambitious workplace. As the new Beacon Office has opened its doors, reviews show that people consider the workplace as an amazing place to work.

"De Vorm’s interior products have an excellent price-quality ratio. Providing a contemporary collection with sustainable products and an amazing colour palette."
Sven Symons - Partner at CAPTIF


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