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Umami Matcha Café


The very first Matcha café has opened its doors right in the heart of Paris. A place like no other. The architect created a subtle and discreet design. In which clear, purified, unostentatious, contemporary and simple furniture aligns perfectly with the spirit of the place.

Our chairs from the LJ Series matched this objective perfectly.

Subtle and discreet design

The sophistication of the UMAMI Matcha Café lies in its apparent simplicity. Therefore, they needed a clear, purified, efficient, unostentatious, contemporary and simple furniture that could be perfectly aligned with the spirit of the place. 

Since the main objective of the UMAMI Matcha Café is to serve and sell quality foods, the architect wanted to create a subtle and discreet design, which would not overshadow the main objective of the place. The chairs from the LJ Series matched perfectly this objective.


"Another aspect that we liked is the sound-dampening properties of the chairs, which is an important aspect in a coffee shop setting."
Laure Béguin, Umami Paris

Custom colours

The chairs used at UMAMI Matcha Café are made of recycled PET bottles. The basic grey tones combined with a white frame create a calm and relaxed atmosphere. 

When a more distinct look is desired, the chairs are available in various custom options. Any RAL colour can be used for the legs and a range of coloured PET felt is available for the seat of the LJ series.
"We receive many compliments about the chairs and stools and we are very happy about our choice."
Jean Béguin, Umami Paris


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