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De Vorm on aluminium

But mining and producing primary aluminium is very energy intensive. Aluminium comes from bauxite, and bauxite is generally extracted by open cast mining. A consequence of this way of mining, is the negative impact on the landscape and flora and fauna. Bauxite is almost exclusively found in countries around the equator. That means transportation to Europe, adding to the overall co2 impact. 
The use of aluminium has taken flight in recent years, because it has several useful qualities. It is very strong, yet light and has great conductivity. It can also be recycled endlessly. In addition, aluminium is the third most common element on Earth, making availability high.
Thankfully, aluminium is very easy to recycle. This saves up to 95% of energy, compared to the production of primary aluminium. But recycling aluminium still requires energy. All aluminium used in our products is locally recycled and produced with energy from renewable sources. Now the loop is closed and aluminium becomes a circular material. By choosing this material, we produce 20 times less carbon dioxide in production.

Circular aluminium offers many environmental benefits:

  • Up to 95% less energy consumption during production, compared to bauxite mining for classic aluminium
  • Up to 97% of the material is recycled
  • Lower energy consumption due to less transport
  • Up to 80% less CO2-emissions,
resulting in 10x lower carbon footprint, compared to classic aluminium produced with fossil energy.
Moreover, this circular aluminium has the same quality as regular aluminium. The quality is assured by the certifying bodies of the industry. 

Most of this aluminium is used for the frames of our Big and Lite tables. Anodised aluminium is the standard option for these tables. It makes them more durable and scratch resistant, and easier to recycle.

Our supplier is  ISO 14001 : 2015 certified.