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De Vorm on PET Felt

De Vorm was one of the first companies to realise the full potential of PET Felt. Although it has long been used in the car industry, no one was using it in the furniture industry. It looks and feels like felt, but has the same properties as plastic. We have created 11 unique colour blends, and all our PET Felt is produced locally in Western Europe. 
In our design and production processes, we are always looking at where environmental thinking and economic improvement intersect - resulting in minimal waste in every aspect. The way we utilise PET Technology, emphasizes this vision.
It is durable, easy to clean and doesn’t emit dangerous off gasses, nor does it contain lead or tin. Next to that, there is also an abundance of plastic waste all over the planet. Did you know only 6% of all plastic is currently being recycled? By tapping into the plastic waste stream and turning that waste into PET Felt, we save plastic from landfills and incineration. We turn into something useful, namely furniture, lighting and acoustic products.
Our PET Felt products contain a mix of post-consumer PET and virgin content. We strive for the highest percentage of recycled material, without compromising on quality and safety.
In our design process, we also keep in mind that our PET Felt products are recycled after a long lifespan. To enable that, we make the furniture easy to disassemble, so that every used component could be separated and reused or recycled.