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De Vorm

Big Round Modular Table System

We provide the installation guide in text and video to fully assist you in your work.
In case you prefer written instructions, please, download the Installation Guide below.

Big Round | Installation Guide


1. Clean and safe environment

2. Open bushings

3. Placement of the connectors

4. Place bushings and connectors

5. Connect the frame profiles

6. Complete two halfs of the hexagon frame

7. Complete the frame

8. Insert sliding nuts

9. Assembling the leg

10. Assembling the rest of the table legs

11. Placement of adjustable feet

12. Flip the table

13. The placement of the table top

14. Insert dominos

15. Complete the table top

16. Placement of table top connectors

17. Fasten table top

18. More fastening

19. Repeat action - and you’re done!