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Arnhem Loveseat Modular Couch Designed by Sebastian Herkner


Designed to be modular, multifunctional and matched with any interior. Arnhem Loveseat by De Vorm comes with no restrictions on its form and look. A perfect couch created with privacy considerations in mind.


Designed by Sebastian Herkner 

For Sebastian Herkner, form always follows function. His designs are recognised by simple techniques and traditional materials leading to a product that needs no explanation. Herkner is not concerned about current trends or consumer criteria — he strives to add value to the users by making his creations functional, sustainable and intuitive.
“There is a sensitivity and identity to my work that emphasizes the function, the material and the detail. I transport and interpret characteristics from various contexts of society and culture and implement them in new artefacts. This character infuses the most everyday objects with respect and personality. In this manner, seemingly contrary things can experience esteem.” 


Customizable to the feet 

Arnhem Loveseat is available in three different heights. Lower version of the couch is perfect for social areas, while a high-backed option grants a room-in-room private feeling. Its fully upholstered reversible cushions allow you to create a unique look and change it as you please. Arnhem loveseat is customizable to every smallest detail - from upholstery all the way to the feet. Providing a wide range of applications in commercial design including breakout areas, waiting rooms and hotel lobbies.


Arnhem Series Legs

Discover the bespoke options for the Arnhem Sofa. Choose for the original, sleds or angled legs.
Angled legs

Angled legs

Sled legs

Sled legs

Round legs

Round legs


Upholstery by Kvadrat 

We don’t settle for less when it comes to choosing materials for our products. That’s why the upholstery of Arnhem modular sofa is made from contemporary high-quality fabrics by Kvadrat. Since 1968, Kvadrat has been leading the field in textile design and innovation.

Arnhem Loveseat goes room

Privacy is not a luxury. With two Arnhem loveseats put together, you can create an intimate meeting room within a larger area. A simple and functional solution to privacy issues in any public space, from offices to hotel lobbies.


Arnhem Series 

When we say no limits, we mean it. Arnhem Loveseat is also available in a larger 2.5-seat version. Higher or lower, big or small, open or private - it’s completely up to you. Create your perfect couch to match with any interior.

PEFC wood

PEFC wood

Ecolabel fabrics

Ecolabel fabrics

Recyclable after a long life span

Recyclable after a long life span

Technical details


  • Body
  • Plywood, High Resilience Foam
    and Fabric
  • Legs
  • Solid oak or ash, Clear


  • Beech plywood
  • Ash or oak legs
  • Electro galvanised hanger bolts
  • High Resilience Foam
  • Fabric
  • Felt gliders


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