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Mute Peak PET Felt Acoustic Panel


Mute Peak, the latest addition to De Vorm’s Mute Series, is engineered with curved and arched surfaces in mind. From grand auditoriums to intimate corners, this innovative acoustic panel not only offers a seamless fit but also enhances the aesthetic and acoustic quality of any space. Its unique peaks and valleys serve a dual purpose, creating a visually striking effect while significantly boosting sound absorption.

Sustainability meets design

Reflecting De Vorm's deep-rooted commitment to sustainability, Mute Peak is thoughtfully made from sustainable PET Felt. This approach harmonises with the brand's core values, guaranteeing that each panel is not only proficient in enhancing acoustic quality but also mindful of its environmental footprint. Mute Peak exemplifies the art of transforming sustainable materials into functional, aesthetically pleasing design elements, redefining the essence of responsible innovation.

Tailored to your design vision

Recognising the unique needs of each architectural project, Mute Peak offers a selection of 11 PET Felt colours to match your design palette. Mute Peak goes beyond standard acoustic solutions, offering a personalised approach to create spaces that are both visually and acoustically harmonious.



PET Felt colour blends


Mute Peak in projects 

We are always curious to see how our products work in completed interiors. Have you applied or seen Mute Peak in any project? We’d love to hear from you

PET Felt Technology

In our design and production processes, we are always looking at where environmental thinking and economic improvement intersect, resulting in minimal waste. The way we utilise PET technology emphasises this vision.

Mute Peak is made of PET Felt, recycled plastic bottles. PET Felt technology brings traditional production steps down to just one smart 3D pressing technique. This material is recycled and recyclable, offering outstanding acoustic properties and sustainability.



  • Panel
    PET Felt

PET Felt


  • Panel
    Yellow, Pink, Marine, Turquoise, Dark Green, Green, Dark Grey, Olive, Beige, Light Grey, Brown*

    *Due to the recycled content of the PET felt, minor colour differences may occur. Please note that there may be minor discrepancies in stated size.

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