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3E Studio, Treviso



A naturally welcoming office environment

Durante Ufficio Srl took the assignment to design Studio 3E’s interior. The project’s goal was to create a welcoming, relaxing and comfortable atmosphere for visitors as well as the people who work at the office on a daily basis. A focal point within these premises was the attention to acoustic comfort.

Colourwise, shades of green, grey and light natural tones provide a fresh and peaceful ambience, while wooden elements and the creative use of PET Felt enrich the environment with various textures. Adding to the harmonious experience, the design is strong in consistency: every room and space radiates the stylistic character Durante Officio Srl created for this project.



PET Felt solutions for comfort and style

For a company like 3E Studio that operates in energy efficiency and incentives for renewable sources, De Vorm’s sustainable products that focus on well-being are a natural fit. Thus, AK 3+4 PET Felt Workplace Dividers in beautiful green were utilised to establish individual workplaces at the shared desk set-ups. In this way, the sound-absorbing dividers grant great acoustic comfort for the people working next to each other. The use of green Mute Fraction PET Felt Acoustic Panels is another feature of this project that not only enhances the aesthetics, but also improves the acoustic experience of the rooms and spaces.


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