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Introducing the Campus Project

The Campus, located in Amsterdam’s Oosterdokseiland, is not just the international headquarters of the company but also a vibrant social centre in the heart of the Netherlands. Spanning a remarkable 72,500m2, it stands as one of Europe's largest urban projects, comprising 7,500m2 dedicated to residential spaces and 65,000m2 for office spaces and facilities. This campus, designed to foster a lively environment for people to meet, live, work, and play, is a clear demonstration of's commitment to creating an engaging and interactive community. Additionally, it boasts a prestigious sustainability rating of BREEAM Excellent, demonstrating a strong commitment to environmental management and innovation.

Integrating design and furniture for a collaborative campus

The design of the Campus centres on health, wellness, and community-building ensuring a smooth transition between living, working, and recreational spaces. De Vorm’s Big Modular Tables and Lite Tables enhances meeting areas, fostering a collaborative environment. Additionally, Hale PET Felt Stack Chairs in open spaces facilitate casual interactions and spontaneous meetings, enhancing the campus’s community atmosphere. LJ 1 PET Felt Armchairs and Pod PET Felt Privacy Chairs enhance both individual and collaborative workspaces by offering secluded spots for focused tasks and comfortable areas for teamwork. Additionally, MG Side Tables placed strategically in these zones serve functional roles, offering convenient surfaces for various uses.

Optimising workspace efficiency with sustainable design

Sustainability and functionality are central to the design of the Campus, which focuses on providing every employee with a workspace tailored to their needs. The introduction of 'teambases' - modular units of fifty workstations linked to specific teams - demonstrates a smart use of space that supports dynamic work arrangements. This strategy not only enhances comfort and efficiency but also aligns with's commitment to sustainability and effective space management. Reflecting the company's international, ambitious, and optimistic ethos, the design incorporates vibrant themes of global travel like jungles, beaches, and world cities, brought to life by a diverse team of architects to energise and inspire its global workforce.

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