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Campus Founders


Interior design studio KAMI BLUSCH transformed a former library into an innovative start-up centre. Located on the premises of Dieter Schwarz Foundation, Campus Founders became a home for many young entrepreneurs in the region. 

Forward-looking interior

The brand-new interior reflects the entrepreneurial culture and sustainable mindset of the organisation. It offers many interlinking lounges, offices, event spaces and workshop areas to promote a frictionless working experience. All of them come together in the central area, made to connect different spaces and facilitate interactions among users. 

It's all-inclusive - whether you want to hold an event, collaborate or work privately, the Campus Founders offers a perfect spot for every need. There is a multi-purpose event space, a variety of private offices and a spacious open-plan working zone. 

Privacy is guaranteed 

To allow users to work in a concentrated manner, the architects incorporated several sound-dampening solutions into this co-working interior. The shared workstations were equipped with AK 1 acoustic workplace dividers.  

In addition, Mute Flow panels were mounted on the walls in areas where people need extra focus. Thanks to the sound-dampening properties of PET Felt, the panels minimise noises, while their wavy pattern adds a gentle touch to the interior.    

"We were excited about using the furniture of De Vorm, knowing that it's made from recycled materials. The way we were able to adjust the colours of the products inside the online configurator helped us to tune them into the interior style. Looking forward to working with De Vorm again!"

Karl Frederik Scholz | Managing Director at Kami Blusch

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