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Covage, Paris



Office transformation

In the heart of Trinity Tower, which has been awarded as the best office tower in the world, Sowen Group has been asked to design the interior for telecom company COVAGE's (Altitude Group) - an impressive 6,000m2 office space. Trinity is an architectural challenge and a tower designed to be lived in. Respectful of its surroundings, Trinity provides an open, inviting and inspiring space for residents.

Vibrant colours and warm materials

In this project, Sowen Group focused on connectivity and fluidity, specifically targeting the telecommunications sector. They used vibrant colours and warm materials to give the spaces a more human feel and also chose rounded shapes to round off the corners. The inviting look and feel comes back in numerous meeting points facilitating natural, informal collaboration.

Exploiting quality and customisation

Sowen Group chose De Vorm products because of the quality and agility of their designs, but also because they offer a beautiful and customisable colour range. You can see this well in how the LJ series, Lite tables and Fost are coming together in the complete interior. This makes it possible to create unique and personal atmospheres in line with the client's DNA. The durable material and modern design fit perfectly into COVAGE's office environment.


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