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Cynex BDO, Hasselt



Redefining the workspace

Mamu Architects have transformed the Cynex BDO office in Hasselt with their innovative design. This office space is tailored to meet the demands of the modern workforce, prioritising both collaborative and individual work. The careful planning of its layout and design features ensures that there is a functional space for every need, whether it's for focused work or for moments of relaxation and brainstorming.

Acoustic harmony

In the canteen area, the addition of LJ 3 PET Felt Bar Stools enhances the space, aligning with the office's commitment to acoustic harmony and balanced workspaces. These stools complement the Mute Fraction PET Felt Acoustic Panels that line the walls, contributing to the tranquil and warm atmosphere with their practical design and natural color palette. Together, they support both focused tasks and collaborative interactions, ensuring the office meets the diverse needs of its users.

Balanced workspace for different needs

This office represents the concept of a balanced workspace in the modern work environment. It is designed to support focused work just as much as it encourages collaboration and team interactions. This is a space that understands the varied needs of its users, offering a harmonious mix of productivity and comfort, ensuring a satisfying work experience for everyone.

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