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Kearney Offices, Amsterdam


New interior design for international consultant Kearney, based in Amsterdam with De Vorm’s Hale Bar Stools, Hale Stack Chairs and Column Tables.

New interior to bring employees together

Kearney collaborated with Mirato Interior Design + Build for this project to develop a completely new interior concept. Kearney would shed square meters, from two floors down to 1.5 floors. Working closely together, they created a unique environment with optimal use of space and a goal to bring employees together.

Bright colours and sustainable materials

Mirato integrated a new workplace concept together with a design that exudes Kearney's core values: Curiosity and Boldness. An outspoken space where your curiosity is aroused. The design team chose De Vorm's customisable products to add bright, eye-catching colours reflecting the brand's look and feel. 


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