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Korn Ferry Offices, Paris



Blending private and public spaces

The Gensler-designed Korn Ferry offices in Paris showcase a thoughtful integration of private and communal areas. The design philosophy focused on minimal architectural changes, emphasising the retention of existing structures, which highlights both sustainability and cost-effectiveness. This design strategy, which focuses on refurbishing the existing space rather than extensive structural changes, elevates both functionality and aesthetics in the office environment.

Functional and aesthetic furnishing

Furniture in the Korn Ferry offices serves a practical purpose in defining various areas. LJ 4 PET Felt Counter Stool, placed in shared spaces, offers a simple yet aesthetic seating option for casual interactions. In more formal settings, LJ 1 PET Felt Armchair and LJ 2 PET Felt Stack Chair brings elegance and comfort for meeting spaces.

A balance of nature and professionalism

The office uniquely integrates natural elements within a functional workspace. The use of natural materials and incorporation of green spaces, particularly in areas like the kitchen, creates a tranquil, refreshing atmosphere. This thoughtful design choice reflects Korn Ferry's shift towards a collaborative, innovative working style, where professional environments are harmoniously balanced with employee well-being.
  • Architect Gensler
  • Client Korn Ferry Offices
  • Year 2023
  • LocationParis, France
  • PhotographyBertrand Fompeyrine

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