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Hollandse Nieuwe designed a spacious and open canteen for non-governmental organizations Nictiz and VZVZ. Located on the ground floor, it became the social heart of their office building in the Hague. 

For the love of green

The new canteen has a pleasant, nature-inspired look. Styled by Your Tailormate, it presents a well-balanced composition of green tints, natural wooden elements and soft textures. The kitchen area uses the famous metro tiles, that create a neat geometric backdrop.
The distinctive dark green continues in the furniture - Hale chairs placed around the dining tables and LJ 3 stools at high seating areas. The soft, wool-like texture of PET Felt chairs adds a finishing touch to the overall look.

Combining various spots and seating options, this space is more than a canteen. It's perfect for having an informal meeting with colleagues, making phone calls over a cup of coffee and even working, when you need a change of scenery.
"Chairs and stools by De Vorm were a perfect match for this project. Thanks to the custom design, we were able to make them just as we imagined."
Lotte Helmig | Your Tailormate
de vorm office nictiz den haag hollandse nieuwe 09

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