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Royal Flora Holland, Aalsmeer



Sustainable transformation

Floradôme is a space where employees, growers, and buyers can meet and collaborate in an environment designed with sustainability at its core. The impressive half-round shape and spiral staircase in the reception area, along with extensive glass in the exterior, maximise natural light and provide a green view for everyone.

Innovative design and materials

The use of energy has been minimised with the generation of sustainable energy, and the avoidance of fossil fuels. Zwartwoud, in their role, engineered, produced, and placed fixed circular furniture, utilising existing products where possible, and supplemented with reclaimed and circular resources.

Sustainable seating solutions

In addition to the innovative use of materials like PET felt for counters and bamboo for planters and open shelves, the office features De Vorm's Hale chairs and LJ 3 Bar Stools. The breakout area was thoughtfully designed to create a space where employees, growers, and buyers can collaborate and connect. This area features Musette Coffee Tables and Nook Lounge chairs. These selections not only complement the aesthetic but also align with the project's commitment to environmental responsibility.
  • Architect Paul de Ruyter Architects + Royal Haskoning
  • Project management Zwartwoud
  • Client Royal Flora Holland
  • Year 2023
  • LocationAalsmeer, the Netherlands
  • PhotographyRonald Zijlstra

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