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De Vorm on sustainability

Our PET Felt products contains post-consumer PET.  Our PET Felt does not contain any lead or tin, nor does  it emit any (VOC) off gasses. It is a versatile and durable material, suitable for every environment. 
Next to working with PET Felt, De Vorm has a broader vision on sustainability.
De Vorm is a Dutch design company that is grounded in the European design mentality. De Vorm was founded in 2005 and was among the pioneers in producing furniture from recycled PET. The first PET Felt product was the Pod privacy chair. The collection expanded quickly and now consists of many furniture, lighting and acoustic designs made from this versatile and sustainable material.

Design principles

To be truly sustainable, a company has to be able to influence the entire production process. You have to understand how raw materials get transformed into a product. Otherwise, ideas and products stay superficial and have no real impact on existing waste streams. 

When designing a new product, our designers take into account that a product has to be easily recyclable after a long use. Our products are easy to disassemble, and all materials can be recycled afterwards. 

Local production 

De Vorm developed its own production techniques together with our suppliers. Our suppliers are all located in Western Europe, to minimise transportation, and therefore the ecological footprint. By choosing to only work with European suppliers, we automatically comply to the highest standards and laws for the design industry. De Vorm only works with specialised furniture carriers. By working with these specialists, so that damaged products and unnecessary transportation is avoided. 
All of our products are assembled in our own factory. Our factory is energy neutral and BREEAM ready. All assembly is done with compressed air, and power comes from the solar panels on the roof. These solar panels power everything, from the computers to the forklift trucks.  

Promise for the future

We aim to improve performance across all the metrics that matter most: energy savings, CO2 emissions reduction, waste reduction, improved indoor environmental quality, stewardship of resources and sensitivity to their impacts. We own our own forest, not for production, but to preserve nature. We aim to grow this forest and increase biodiversity where possible. 
We are responsible for the world we live in. So we produce locally, use recycled material where we can and constantly look to improve our production techniques. We make sustainable choices where we can, and are striving to do more every year. Because a better tomorrow starts today.