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We continuously raise the bar

Creating a long-lasting value goes beyond the paths we already know. It begins with an enduring aesthetic and requires superior quality to stand the test of time. From strength to impact resistance, we set the highest standards for our products to ensure they are made to last. Extensive testing and thorough material choice are at the core of our design and manufacturing processes. 
To offer superior comfort at the minimal expense of future generations, we are always looking at where visual appeal and durability intersect. This counts for every part of a final product, all the way to the packaging. By choosing forward-looking materials and unconventional production techniques, we commit to minimise waste in every way possible.
As the smart forerunner in responsible, sustainable production techniques, we were among the first in the furniture industry to embrace the possibilities that PET Felt has to offer. With this versatile material, we create durable products at the minimal expense of future generations.