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AK 2 Workplace Divider Lamp Designed by Ivan Kasner & Uli Budde


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Discover a pleasant way of working in open spaces. AK 2 has multiple functions, providing dual workspace lightning and sound dampening effect. Designed for co-working places and shared office desks in order to grant privacy and let people work in a concentrated manner. The AK 2 has a great acoustic performance, thanks to PET Felt shell and acoustic filling. 
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Bespoke options

The AK 2 is available in eleven unique PET Felt colour blends, giving architects a wide range of freedom to apply for any workplace design. The choice is there to make this piece blend in or stand out in any context.

Acoustic properties

Thanks to the used materials, the AK 2 lamp provides a sound-dampening effect. The PET Felt shell is filled with melamine to achieve the ultimate level of sound absorption and reflection. 

PET Felt colour blends


AK 2 Workplace Divider Lamp in projects

We are always curious to see how our products work in completed projects. Have you seen the AK 2 in any design project? We’d love to know, reach out to us
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Designed by Ivan Kasner and Uli Budde

AK 2 is the outcome of the collaboration between Ivan Kasner and Uli Budde. 
Ivan Kasner is an Amsterdam-based product designer. His philosophy is based on the idea that each generation should have its own decor - he strives to design products that make people feel at home in their own time. To fulfil this purpose, Ivan runs his own studio and collaborates with many design brands.
Uli Budde is a Berlin-based product designer who graduated from the Design Academy in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Uli runs his own studio in Berlin, where he works on projects in furniture, tableware, lighting design and more.

PET Felt technology

In our design and production processes, we are always aiming at sustainable outcomes. We look at where environmental thinking and economic improvement intersect, resulting in minimal waste. The way we utilise PET Felt technology emphasises this vision.

The shell of AK 2 is made of PET Felt, a sustainable material produced from recycled plastic bottles. This technology converts the traditional production process into one smart 3D pressing technique. PET Felt is recycled and recyclable, offering great acoustic properties and sustainability.
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  • Shell
  • PET Felt
  • Filling
  • Melamine foam
  • Feet (standing version)
  • Powder-coated steel


  • Weight
  • Standing version - 8.5 kg
    Hanging version - 7 kg
  • Standard lamps
  • 2 x Philips CorePro LEDtube 1200mm 16W840 (non-dimmable)
  • Standard cord length
  • 3 meters

PET Felt

  • Martindale
  • Pilling
  • Care & Maintenance
    Please see our Care & Maintenance Guide here


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