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Fost PET Felt Acoustic Lamp Designed by De Vorm


With its generous dome shape and graphic expression, Fost lamp offers a combined solution for acoustics and illumination. The PET Felt lampshade has a soft texture and a bold ribbed pattern on the outside, while the inner surface features a soft white fabric. Enveloping the LED module, the fabric gently disperses the light down, granting an inviting sensation of privacy and calmness to everyone under the lamp. 

Aesthetic and acoustic

Thanks to its volume and acoustic PET Felt lampshade, Fost lamp provides a gentle sound-dampening effect. Apply the lamp above meeting or dining tables to effectively capture the sounds right at the source.

Fost lamp was tested for the determination of its sound absorption qualities. Download the full report here

Choose your own Fost lamp

Available in 11 PET Felt blends, Fost will work equally well in any setting. Choose a contrasting colour to create a statement piece, or let the lamp blend in with the rest of the interior. Meet the functional needs of different settings with various lighting modes.  

PET Felt colour blends


Fost lamp in projects 

We are always curious to see how our products work in completed interiors. Have you applied or seen Fost in any project? We’d love to hear from you

PET Felt Technology

The lampshade of the Fost lamp is made of PET Felt - a sustainable and durable material manufactured from recycled plastic bottles. This technology brings many production steps down to a single moulding action, allowing to press a plain sheet of felt into any imaginable form.

With Fost, we have created a unique ribbed pattern on the lampshade, dictating its bold visual identity. This unique shape also adds sturdiness to the lamp and creates substantial volume, much needed for an acoustic lamp. 



  • Shell
    PET Felt
  • Inner inlay
    4-way stretch cloth
  • Fixture
    Steel cables + ceiling mount, 3 m
  • Electrical cord
    5-core, 3 m
  • LED module
    280 mm

Technical details

  • Voltage
    120V - 240V
  • Power
  • Light output
    1100 Lm
  • Colour temperature
    Warm white, neutral white  (3000K, 4000K)
  • Dimmable
    DALI dimmable

Installation guide

  • Find the installation guidelines here


  • Shell
    Yellow, Pink, Marine, Turquoise, Dark Green, Green, Dark Grey, Olive, Beige, Light Grey, Brown*

    *Due to the recycled content of the PET felt, minor colour differences may occur. 
  • Inner inlay 
  • Fixture
  • Electrical cord

Care & Maintenance

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