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Ratio 29 Pendant Lamp Designed by De Vorm


Ratio 29 Pendant Lamp offers a balanced and compact form, characteristic of classic metal lamps. The lamp features a spun steel shade with a seamlessly embedded LED module. A timeless and functional addition to any interior, from offices to hospitality settings.

Mix & match

Different pendants, one family. Besides Ratio 29, there is also Ratio 19 and Ratio 39. Each lampshade has a unique shape that in itself is visually striking, but the ratio between them is the same, creating unity. Combine various shapes and colours for a  playful effect.

Duotone design

With their reflective white inner face and textured coating on the outside, the three pendants complement any environment. Available in different colours. Choose one of De Vorm's 5 pre-selected colours or pick your own unique RAL colour. 

Standard colours


Ratio Pendant Lamp in projects 

We are always curious to see how our products work in completed interiors. Have you applied or seen Ratio in any project? We’d love to hear from you! 

Metal spinning technology

Spinning metal creates a recognisable shape - a certain simplicity that is distinctive but that everyone can relate to. A lampshade made with spinning metal is a unique piece that showcases the versatility of this production technology. It is created through the manipulation of metal blanks on a lathe, resulting in a distinctive and visually appealing form. With its functional and aesthetic qualities, a lamp made with spinning metal can add a touch of elegance to any space.



  • Lampshade
    Wet-coated steel
  • Electrical cord
    Transparent, 2-core, 3 m
  • Mounting block
    Aluminium, black anodised

Technical details

  • Weight
    1.3 kg
  • Voltage
    100V - 240V
  • Power
  • Colour temperature
    3000K / 4000K / 6500K
  • Light output
    410 Lm
  • Dimmable

Installation guide

  • Find the installation guidelines here


  • Lampshade
    Burgundy (RAL 3005), Marine (RAL 5008), Olive (RAL 7033), Silk Grey (RAL 7044), Black (RAL 9011)
  • Electrical cord

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