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Twist PET Felt Bar Stool Designed by De Vorm


Twist was designed for every situation that requires flexible seating. This playful stool comes in a bar height to accommodate various meeting and dining situations in offices, restaurants and bars. The frame is made from 78.8% recycled steel content, further enhancing its sustainable profile. Thanks to its lightweight design and double-sided grip, Twist can be stacked when extra space is needed, and easily moved around to accommodate any occasion. 
21033 twist bar bar set
“The name of the series appeared from its stackable design. The double-sided tubular support incorporated into the frame requires to “twist” the stool by 90 degrees in order to stack it up. This way, we have added extra stability to the stack, while keeping it lightweight and easy to move around.”

De Vorm Design Team 
Versatile stool with a playful twist 

Consisting of only two elements, Twist bar stool offers surprisingly many design possibilities. The PET Felt seat is available in 11 blends of our collection, while the frame can be customised in a RAL colour of your choice. For an extra notion of comfort, we also offer the possibility to add seat upholstery in a wide range of fabrics

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Select version

Select version

Choose out of 11 PET Felt blends

Choose out of 11 PET Felt blends

Customise frame colour

Customise frame colour

Add seat upholstery

Add seat upholstery


PET Felt colour blends


Twist bar stool in projects

We are always curious to see how our products work in completed interiors. Have you spotted the Twist stool in any project? We’d love to know, reach out to us!
21033 twist bar hero cubicle front

Made to last 

Twist offers long-lasting comfort thanks to its timeless design and durable materials. Consisting of only two elements that are riveted together, the stools are easy to disassemble and recycle after long use.

The seat of Twist is made from PET Felt, recycled plastic bottles. Combining soft texture with extensive durability, PET Felt offers a great alternative to traditional furniture materials. The technology we use to produce Twist has brought many manufacturing steps down to a single moulding action. The seat is pressed with distinction in thickness to ensure an ergonomic shape and a better grip during lifting and stacking. 





  • Seat
    PET Felt
  • Frame
    Powder-coated steel
  • Upholstery
    Fabric + high-resilience foam

PET Felt


Technical details

  • Weight
    4.8 kg 


  • BS 5852: 2006



  • Seat
    Yellow, Pink, Marine, Turquoise, Dark Green, Green, Dark Grey, Olive, Beige, Light Grey, Brown*

    *Due to the recycled content of the PET felt, minor colour differences may occur. 
  • Frame
    Standard: RAL 9011 (Black) / RAL 9010 (White)
    Custom: any RAL colour
    Fine texture: RAL 1012 (Yellow PET), RAL 3005 (Pink PET), RAL 5008 (Marine PET), RAL 5020 (Turquoise PET), RAL 6007 (Dark Green PET), RAL 6020 (Green PET), RAL 7015 (Dark Grey PET), RAL 7033 (Olive PET), RAL 7044 (Beige PET), RAL 7045 (Light Grey PET), RAL 8014 (Brown PET), RAL 9011 (Graphite Black)
  • Upholstery

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