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Bagot Street, Birmingham

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This student living space became an addition to the existing campus at Bagot Street, Birmingham for Campus Living Villages. Explosive motion, energy and light are fundamental characteristics of the vivid and youthful interior, designed by Jasper Sanders + Partners

Dynamic student living

Strategically, all spaces are organised to be highly connected and sequenced. In this way, users can travel from quiet to loud, private to social. Calm study rooms and enclosed meeting spaces lead into large and open common areas. There's plenty of various shared amenities to choose from - a mini cafe setting, bar zone with high stools, a cosy nook with lounge chairs, various game spots and a gym.

Organising different activities together whilst remaining open and visible, the layout encourages random encounters and increases social interaction in a subtle and natural way.

Vivid and youthful look

The remarkable history of this site found its expression in the visual identity of the Campus Living Villages. It was here that the testing of firearms, manufactured in the surrounding Gun Quarter, once took place. The designers took this "explosive" concept as a starting point and chose motion, energy and light as three fundamental characteristics of the new interior.

As a result, rooms are filled with vivid coloured light batons, an arrow motif and patterns depicting movement and navigation. Together, these elements create an animated, dynamic space ideal for young and energetic student life.
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