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De-Vorm-Bol-com-OTH-architects-11 is the biggest online retail tech platform in the Netherlands. They serve around 13 million customers yearly and have over 50.000 partners using their platform. To cater this growth, expanded their Campus with 10.000m2 with the help of OTH architects.

Collaborative design

OTH and design team worked together on a hybrid work concept based on connecting, contact and movement. There are spaces for collaboration, focused work, and an Innovation room. 
De Vorm Bol com OTH architects 8

Colourful brand identity

The colourful brand identity is reflected in the new offices and is integrated in the design. design team assisted with the graphic designs, seen throughout the offices. Hale bar stools and LJ 1 armchairs blend in with their bright surroundings. 
De Vorm Bol com OTH architects 4
  • Architect OTH architects
  • Year 2022
  • Location Utrecht, the Netherlands
  • Client
  • Photography Maarten Zwaneveld

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