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Goed Wonen, Gemert



Innovative Furniture for Modern Workspaces

The Goed Wonen project in Gemert, led by INBODe Kantoorinrichter, represents an exemplary model of office transformation. A blend of existing and new furnishings was chosen, with some of the pre-existing furniture being repurposed for renewed use. The renovation focused on creating an inviting, transparent, and functional workspace. 

The office space features De Vorm's Big Modular Table and Lite Modular Table systems, which offer modular flexibility and sleek design, ideal for collaborative and individual workspaces.  The inclusion of these tables underscores the commitment to creating versatile and functional areas within the office.

Acoustic Comfort and Stylish Seating

The project also incorporates the Mute Fraction PET Felt Acoustic Panel, optimizing the acoustic environment for a more productive workspace. Additionally, the LJ 2 PET Felt Stack Chair and Hale PET Felt Bar Stool are used, adding a touch of contemporary style and comfort, aligning with the overall modern theme of the office.

The Goed Wonen project, blending function and style, has transformed the office into a space that balances practicality with aesthetic appeal. This renovation maintains a focus on creating an environment that is both visually engaging and conducive to a productive work atmosphere. The outcome is an office space that achieves a sophisticated yet functional design, fostering both employee well-being and efficiency.
  • Architect INBO + De Kantoorinrichter
  • Client Goed Wonen
  • Year 2024
  • LocationGemert, the Netherlands
  • PhotographyIndy van Vroonhoven

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