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RAU architects and Fokkema & Partners architects were challanged to create the vision for the new office facility of Liander. The large office building should be seriously conscious in every aspect. The result is amazing: Over 80% of the used materials were recycled from the obsolete existing buildings and reused. 

We were able to provide a large range of chairs that stick to that high aim of true consciousness.

80% of the materials used has been given a second life.

The renovation project of the Liander accomodation makes it the first circular building in Europe on this scale.  

Recycled and recyclable

The perfect example of circular furniture products are the LJ series. The attractive series of chairs and stools have a metal frame and a seat made of recycled PET bottles. These components are upcycled already but also easily dismantled and recycled again.
De Vorm Alliander Duiven Circular Economy3


"My buildings have a resources passport that documents where all the materials have come from and which of these materials could be used again."

Architect Thomas Rau in VPRO Tegenlicht


In this project

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