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Logit Engineering, Castelfranco Veneto



Multifunctional hybrid studio

Durante Ufficio finished Logit Engineering's new office, with a focus on strict formalism. Materials and colour determined the style. The design team transformed the entrance space into a versatile hybrid environment for meetings, reception, relaxation and waiting. Space planning included new pathways, with full-length glass walls maximising natural light in the operational areas.

Acoustic panels and furniture in a functional workspace

Sound-absorbing Mute Fraction and Mute Fit PET Felt panels - made of recycled plastic - were installed in the common areas and meeting rooms. With their arrhythmic yet balanced pattern, the panels provide a unique graphic appearance and acoustic comfort in the workspaces. A customised break area was implemented within the studio, with yellow LJ 1 armchairs blending in with the rest of the office furniture to create aesthetic and functional continuity.

  • Client Logit Engineering
  • Interior design Durante Ufficio
  • Year 2023
  • Location Castelfranco Veneto, Italy

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