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Open and sustainable workplace


VOID interieurarchitectuur and Cerius Projects delivered another beautiful workplace in the city centre of Utrecht. It's flexible and comfortable, serving all necessary functions in one, compact space. 
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One space, so many functions 

This multi-functional working environment is located on St. Jacobsstraat. The workplaces and breakout zones are organized in two rings. In the core of the space, there is an enclosed private area for meetings and consultations. Moving to the outer facade, the interior becomes more open and transparent.

The working zones, each with its own workflow, are located in the first ring around the core. The various departments are thus naturally separated, contributing to overall acoustic comfort.

The breakout areas are located on the two long sides of the outer wall, the so-called outer ring, with plenty of space for meetings and lots of light. Here, you can also find a large pantry with the lunch area. It can easily be transformed into an auditorium for 60 people. By adding an acoustic curtain and stackable chairs, you can create a comfortable presentation venue in no time.  
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With sustainability in mind 

Well-being and sustainability were the two main goals when designing this new office space. Furniture used in the previous workplace of the client was largely refurbished and reused. The newly purchased furniture was also carefully chosen by the architects - all of it is produced locally from sustainable materials.

Among them - many PET Felt products of De Vorm. Made from recycled plastic bottles, these include chairs, desk dividers and lamps. Furthermore, much attention has been paid to daylight and air quality. Employees themselves were involved in the design process, resulting in an interior that matches their needs perfectly.  
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