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UvA, Amsterdam



Contemporary design and learning environments

The University of Amsterdam's renovation, led by Bureau vandervorm and Brique Architecten, achieves a harmonious blend of modern design and functionality. Open and enclosed areas address the diverse needs of students and faculty, with Hale PET Felt Stack Chairs, inspired by the monumental building's color palette, enhancing seating options throughout the campus.

Fostering collaboration and balance

Collaborative spaces feature De Vorm's Hale PET Felt Counter + Bar Stools and LJ 3 PET Felt Bar Stools, contributing to a supportive environment for teamwork and productivity. Open areas encourage interaction and idea-sharing, while quieter zones offer focused study and research, balancing learning experiences across the campus.

Sustainable principles and cohesion

The project embraces sustainable principles, aligning with the university's environmental goals. Recycled materials and energy-efficient solutions minimise environmental impact, while colour-coordinated seating options create a cohesive visual appeal throughout the academic setting. This balanced approach fosters a productive and inviting environment for both students and faculty.
  • Architect Brique Architecten
  • Interior Architect Bureau vandervorm
  • Client Universiteit van Amsterdam
  • Year 2023
  • LocationAmsterdam, the Netherlands
  • PhotographySander Besems, Streep Video en Fotografie

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