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Pharmaceutical Office, Sofia



Embracing the new era of workspaces

The Pharmaceutical Office in Sofia, designed by DA Architects, epitomizes a fresh approach to workspace design in the post-pandemic world. The office layout is ingeniously planned to foster collaboration, focus, and relaxation. This office demonstrates the adaptability of modern workspaces to evolving work habits, placing equal emphasis on both operational efficiency and the well-being of employees.

Architectural Innovation and Aesthetics

At the heart of its design is a striking zig-zag glass wall, which not only adds a dynamic character to the space but also facilitates seamless transitions between different work zones. The interior showcases a subtle color palette, complemented by integrated greenery following biophilic design principles. These elements collectively enhance the workplace's ambiance, boosting productivity and satisfaction.

Enhancing workspace acoustics and aesthetics

Alongside the Fost Bulb PET Felt Acoustic Lamp, the Pharmaceutical Office in Sofia also features De Vorm's Mute Fraction and Mute Flow Floating Lamp. These elements play a pivotal role in enhancing the workspace's acoustic environment, creating a serene and productive atmosphere. The Mute Fraction panels effectively manages sound, while the Mute Flow Floating Lamp adds a layer of visual and acoustic comfort, perfectly embodying De Vorm’s commitment to creating harmonious and functional workspaces.
  • Architect DA Architects
  • Client Pharmaceutical Office Sofia
  • Year 2023
  • LocationSofia, Bulgaria
  • PhotographyMinko Minev

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