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Stedelijk Gymnasium, Haarlem



Innovative learning environment

Located in the heart of Haarlem, the Stedelijk Gymnasium is one of the oldest schools in the Netherlands, housed in a national monument. The building consists of a classic 19th-century section and a newly constructed part. To modernise the interior for contemporary education, Brique Architecten and Bureau vandervorm undertook a renovation, applying their expertise in educational design. LJ 1 PET Felt Armchairs and LJ 2 PET Felt Stack Chairs provide comfortable seating, enhancing the functionality and flexibility of the learning spaces.

Comfortable and functional spaces

Throughout the gymnasium, Nook Lounge Chairs are placed to create inviting areas for both relaxation and study. They offer comfortable spots for students to unwind, while Hale Stack Chairs are ideal for dynamic classroom settings, easily adaptable for different teaching styles and activities. These pieces ensure that each space is both functional and welcoming.

Versatile design for meetings

The gymnasium also includes versatile meeting and breakout spaces where Big Modular Table Systems are paired with Hale and LJ Chairs. This combination supports various configurations for group discussions and collaborative work, ensuring that the spaces are adaptable to different needs and activities. This thoughtful integration of flexible furniture helps create a dynamic and efficient educational setting.
  • Architect Brique Architecten + Bureau vandervorm
  • Client Stedelijk Gymnasium Haarlem
  • Year 2024
  • LocationHaarlem, the Netherlands
  • PhotographySander Besems

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