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AppLike Group GmbH, Hamburg



Workspace design by BAID Architekur

BAID Architektur has designed the office spaces for the AppLike Group’s headquarters on the Outer Alster in Hamburg and the nearby 2,400 square metre office at An der Alster 1. The sustainable design concept integrates recycled materials and reused existing objects, creating an environmentally friendly and cohesive workspace that caters to modern office needs.

Customisable furniture and colour concept

The office design features custom-coloured LJ 3 PET Felt Bar Stools and LJ 1 PET Felt Armchairs, aligning with the colour scheme of ‘Patina’, ‘Petrol’, and ‘Oxide’. Inspired by various industrial workshops and processing methods, these colours are used across the three floors, enhancing the aesthetic appeal and functionality of the workspace. This customisation ensures that the furniture fits the design concept and supports daily activities.

Spaces for collaboration and relaxation

BAID Architektur has created inviting relaxation and communication areas where employees can enjoy meals and celebrations. These spaces provide plenty of room for interaction and collaboration, fostering a sense of community among the international staff of the Applike Group. The blend of functional design and comfortable furnishings makes these areas ideal for informal gatherings and work-related discussions.

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